"every picture tells a story, particularly family portraits.."

- Eda J Leshan-


My name is Geusan Grimaldi.  I purchased my first camera in 2008 years ago and taught myself photography while I worked in the energy industry.  During that time I found out that my passion in photography laid deeper than I imagined so I ended up leaving the world of oil and gas behind for something I felt would be a bit more rewarding. 





I started the business not knowing what my goals were but to follow the norm among other Indonesian photographers in the business of pre-wedding and wedding photography.  It was not until my daughter was born that I truly had a singular goal in this business, to capture every image of her while she grew up.  Since then I wanted to provide this same experience to other parents out there that want to record the lives of their children from week 1.  The images I capture are purposely focused on the subject.  I aim to create soft, timeless, high quality family portrait images so that they will be cherished for decades to come.

Please feel free to roam around my website and do not hesitate to contact me regarding my work.

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