Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Pertanyaan General

Kapan Waktu Terbaik Untuk Foto Bayi / Anak Saya...

Untuk Bayi Waktu paling ideal adalah antara 5 hari dan 3 minggu. Namun kami tetap bisa foto bayi di luar jangka waktu tersebut. Untuk Milestone Session Waktu terbaik adalah ketika bayi sudah bisa duduk dengan sendiri, atau sudah bisa tummy time. Untuk Cake Smash Session Waktu terbaik adalah 2-3 minggu sebelum ulang tahun, sehingga sudah bisa dapat editan di hari H

Berapakah Harga untuk Sesi Foto?

Untuk harga tergantung dari sesi foto yang diinginkan. Untuk price list lengkap bisa hubungi kami melalui WA

Apakah fotografer sudah memiliki pengalaman untuk foto bayi?

Great question. Fotografer sudah memiliki pengalaman 4 tahun untuk foto bayi dan sudah lebih dari 100 bayi yang telah di foto. Untuk sesi anak dan toddler, fotografer telah foto lebih dari 500 anak.

Apakah sinar dari flash aman untuk anak / bayi saya?

Sangat aman, Lampu yang keluar dari flash box akan di pantul terlebih dahulu ke arah berlawan, dan setelah itu akan melalui 2 lapis diffuser.

Apa saja yang perlu saya bawa untuk sesi foto?

- Selama pandemi, pengunjung studio wajib menggunakan masker ketika tidak sedang di foto - Mohon membawa handuk dan sabun, serta baju ganti, baik untuk anak dan orang tua. - Mohon membawa mainan favorit anak dan juga snack favorit

Jam buka studio

Untuk sesi foto by appointment. Kami buka dari jam 09.00 - 16.00, namun untuk sesi "start foto" terakhir di jam 14.00

Bagaimana cara book?

Apakah bisa cancel atau reschedule?

Apabila sudah melakukan DP, untuk sesi fotonya dapat di undur ke tanggal tersedia berikutnya. Apabila anak atau bayi mengalami gejala sakit boleh hubungi kami secepat mungkin untuk melakukan penjadwalan ulang. Khusus sesi cake smash, apabila melakukan booking kue dengan kami, mohon info 5 hari sebelum hari H jika ingin melakukan perubahaan jadwal, dikarenakan bahan kue sudah disiapkan dalam jangka waktu tsb sebelum pemotretan di hari H.


What is a Cake Smash?

A cake smash is where a one year old gets very messy and taste the cake texture for their first time and a professional photographer captures the moment.

When do I need to book?

If you are hoping to book over a WEEKEND, ideally your session will be booked as far in advance as possible as I can be booked up for some months. I suggest to book at the minimum of 2 months prior your expected session date. If you a re intending to use the images for a party invitation or to display at the party, you may want to consider booking when your baby is around the 11-month mark. I only accept as many as bookings a I can reasonably shoot, edit and return to my clients in my targeted time frame of two weeks. I currently take session bookings on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

How long will the session last?

The length of the session of course, be shorter or longer than usually time of 1-1.5 hours. As it is more about trying to achieve a great range of images than filling an allotted time with the shoot. - Free photos with parents at same background : 15 minutes - Cake Smash : 1 hour

Where may the session be held?

Cake smash sessions are scheduled at my studio which is located in Lebak Bulus at South Jakarta due to level of set-up and clean-up involved after the session.

Who may attend the session?

Family members are very welcome to attend the session and the studio will comfortably hold a number of people. However, bear in mind that children can become distracted by too large an audience.

What happens if I need to cancel or postpone?

People get sick and circumstances change meaning that ocassionally cancellations or postponements are unavoidable. I require as much as notice as possible for changes to our booking at the minimum of 4 days prior the session date. Should the postponement occur less than 4 days, there will likely be an additional charge to cover the cost of new cake. I require payment of the session fee upon booking to hold your appointment and this will be forfeited in the case of an outright cancellation without mitigating circumstances. Subject to availability i am happy to reschedule to accomodate changes due to illness.

How do I choose the cake smash theme?

Have a think about what would you like to get out of the session and whether there are any particular props that you would like to include. Ideas for cake smash props include bunting, balloons, and an outfit that you can choose in our studio. You are invited to bring along your own outfit. We have collection of cake smash theme that you can see in our portfolio. If you would like to have a special character on your theme, there will be additional fee on that. You can contact us and have a chat with us for the details.

What should I prepare?

Bring towel, change of clothing for the birthday child and yourself, body wash for your baby especially if their skin is a sensitive skin type, cake topper with your baby name, food, drink, milk and snacks. The most important is to prepare your kids not to get tired and have nap prior the session. Then they will give us their best smiles!!

How long after the session can I expect to see my images?

We will give the link to access all of your photos during the session which you can download it as well. The average number of photos during the session could be vary > 100 photos. Then you can choose the photos you would like to edit. Depending the number of the photos, but allow us to give the edited photos in 1 week after the day you choose the photo. Then another 7-10 days to print and send the free 6R frame to your place. Let us know, if you have a special request to get the photos edited as soon as possible. We only allow one photo if you have a rush or special occasion.

How do I book?

Send me a personal message via my contact page Phone : +62811-998-0770 Email : I require payment of the session fee to secure your session. This ensures that no other bookings will be taken for this time and date. Deposits may be made by bank transfer.

How do I choose the session time?

Consider your child's best time when you schedule their session. After a morning nap seems to work best.