My Philosophy

I believe in a style that focuses on your child.  A simple, clean, organic, classic portraiture with just the baby is 100% beautiful on its own. There are a lot of images out there where I think the baby tends to get lost in the props.  
The prop that are available at the studio are hats and headbands with a lot of textures that I like to use. 
Newborns are beautifully perfect...just as they came.


Like our investments for our child in education and healthcare, capturing images for our loved ones is another necessary investment, one that will bring wide smiles to a viewer's face for years to come. 

We also provide studio photographies such as newborn, family, children, and toddlers.

Our prices are competitive and reflect the very high standard of photography we offer. 

Our  session starts from Rp. 1.200.000, you receive all digital images, 5 images edited and a 6R Print with Frame.

Please email or Whatsapp us for a complete price guide